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By P. Ribereau?Gayon, Y. Glories, A. Maujean, D. Dubourdieu(auth.)

ISBN-10: 0470010371

ISBN-13: 9780470010372

ISBN-10: 0470010398

ISBN-13: 9780470010396

Content material:
Chapter 1 natural Acids in Wine (pages 1–49):
Chapter 2 Alcohols and different risky Compounds (pages 51–64):
Chapter three Carbohydrates (pages 65–90):
Chapter four Dry Extract and Minerals (pages 91–108):
Chapter five Nitrogen Compounds (pages 109–139):
Chapter 6 Phenolic Compounds (pages 141–203):
Chapter 7 Varietal Aroma (pages 205–230):
Chapter eight Chemical Nature, Origins and results of the most Organoleptic Defects (pages 231–284):
Chapter nine the idea that of readability and Colloidal Phenomena (pages 285–300):
Chapter 10 explanation and Stabilization remedies: Fining Wine (pages 301–331):
Chapter eleven Clarifying Wine through Filtration and Centrifugation (pages 333–367):
Chapter 12 Stabilizing Wine by way of actual and Physico?chemical strategies (pages 369–386):
Chapter thirteen getting older RedWines in Vat and Barrel: Phenomena taking place in the course of getting older (pages 387–428):

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The discovery of the crystallization-inhibiting effect of mannoproteins extracted by the enzymic treatment of yeast walls (Dubourdieu and MoineLedoux, 1994) adds a new dimension to this subject. 2). These preparations inhibit tartrate crystallization in white, red and ros´e wines, whereas the same dose (25 g/hl) of heat-extracted mannoproteins does not have this stabilizing effect (Moine-Ledoux and Dubourdieu, 1995). 4) (Dubourdieu and Moine-Ledoux, 1996). The mannoproteins in question are more highly glycosylated, with an average molecular weight of approximately 40 kDa.

Daughter’ nuclei. This observation explains the continued effectiveness in stabilizing white wines of cream of tartar that has been recycled five times, provided that the particles were initially very small. On the other hand, it is not possible to recycle cream of tartar so many times in red wines due to the affinity between tartaric acid and phenols, known to be powerful crystallization inhibitors. Another advantage of the contact process is that seeding with small cream of tartar particles enhances the state of supersaturation (C − Ci ).

The esterification number of different metatartaric acid preparations may be determined by acidimetric assay, before and after saponification. 18 shows the importance of the preparation conditions in determining this value. Metatartaric acid is by no means a pure product: solutions are slightly colored and oxidizable. 18). It is, therefore, important to correct the esterification number to compensate for this impurity. 18. 6. Metatartaric acid acts by opposing the growth of the submicroscopic nuclei around which crystals are formed.

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Handbook of Enology: The Chemistry of Wine Stabilization and Treatments, Volume 2, 2nd Edition by P. Ribereau?Gayon, Y. Glories, A. Maujean, D. Dubourdieu(auth.)

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