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Volusius had done emphasize the differences in the accounts. Suetonius puts the healing of the two men immediately after Vespasian's exit from the Serapeum, and the reception of letters announcing the death of Vitellius immediately after the healing. This progression of events seems more plausible to Dorchain and Hubaux, who conclude that Tacitus, sollicitous of the prestige of Rome, sought to minimize the Egyptian role. See also P. Dorchain, "La visite de Vespasian au Serapeum d'Alexandrie," Chronique d'Egypte 28 (1953) 251-79.

M Taylor, Divinity 126 and references there. Ptolemy Soter's wife Berenice had already been identified with Aphrodite and Isis, appearing under the form of Isis on certain objects, cameos, and semi-precious stones. (1. , E. Pap. ) Likewise, Arsinoe II, wife of Ptolemy Philadelphus, had also been identified with Aphrodite and Isis. See Brady, Reception 13. Dedications were made to her as "Isis Arsinoe Philadelphus" by the Greeks at Alexandria. , now posed with Cleopatra for paintings and statues, he representing Osiris or Dionysus and she Isis or Selene.

3. C. rather than the earlier one; Lafaye, Bistoire du culte 42-43, 45; Tran Tarn Tinh, Essai 22; Wilt, Isis 223. Tschudin, Isis 16 thinks it unlikely that this destruction was completed. HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVES 19 the repeated building of sanctuaries and altars during this period reveal a close connection with the political situation of the times. C. , were again dissolved by the Senate. , he dissolved all guilds except those of ancient foundation. lo8 Measures of repression against Isis and her followers coincided with laws against all types of guilds which came to be regarded more and more as disturbers of the civic peace.

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