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Edited by Bernard Faller and Laszlo Urban Copyright Ó 2009 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. 1 A typical DMPK workflow. Requests typically come from the lead optimization group for a set of compounds to be tested in a number of ADME/Tox assays. These could be according to predefined campaign strategy or selected a la carte. Quite often the profiling group initiates the activities of compound management and coordinate the preparation of biological material from cell biology. This may require one to three weeks lead time to get materials to the profiling laboratory.

5 Organizational Models to Scale Up the Process Like the chef, the laboratory manager has many constraints in moving forward: he cannot merely add staff and cost to the kitchen, he cannot begin to deliver inconsistent product, his responsiveness may not decrease, he cannot achieve quality without well qualified, well trained staff. Instead, he must identify real efficiencies that can be derived from scale. Laboratories, just like restaurants, have adopted several different models for responding to increased demand: (i) the food court, (ii) the fast food restaurant and (iii) the family restaurant chain.

Also, as no particular experiment format is “hard wired”, changing methods is relatively straightforward. However, groups pursuing this approach should bear in mind that such flexibility comes at a cost: maintenance of a growing set of software “scripts” and macros can become unruly; it is not always possible to keep track of which macro version was applied to a specific piece of data, which makes trouble-shooting and retrospective comparison difficult; further it can become difficult to enforce standard operating procedures.

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