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But while work on the airframe progressed smoothly, with few unexpected problems, the project as a whole did encuunta difficulties, some of them setious enough to threaten long delays. In fact, North American’s rapid preparation of drawings and production planning served to highlight the lack of progress on some of the components and subsystems that were essential to the success of the program. X-15 Design and Development or operating the engine, and the power plant would have to be entirely safe during start, operation, and shutdown, no matter what the altitude.

Notice the simple throttle on the left console, underneath the reaction control side-stick (not shown). The jenison controls took on particular significance on missions that had to be aborted prior to engine burnout. (NASA) = hydrogen-peroxide-driven turbopump, with the turbopump’s exhaust being recovered in the thrust chamber. ‘6 The use of ammonia as a propellant presented some potential problems; in addition to being toxic in high concentrations, ammonia is also corrosive t” all copper-based metals.

On 26 March 1958 and again on 11 April 1958, General Electric notified North American of its inability to meet the original specifications in the time available, and requested approval = 60 By the end of the summer 1958, the APU seemed to have reached a more satisfactory state of development, and production units were ready for shipmems’ The early captive flights beginning in 1959 would reveal some additional problems, but investigation showed that the in-flight failures had occurred partially because captive testing subjected the units to an abnormal operational sequence that would not be encountered during glide and powered flight.

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