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Specifies the processing of legitimate common Generalized Markup Language (SGML) records. rfile variety Semantics and Specification Language (DSSSL) defines the semantics, syntax, and processing version of languages for the specification of documentation processing. presents skill for externalization of fashion features and different options for associating kind details with an SGML rfile.

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Current-language) At any point in a computation there may be a current language. current-language returns the current language if there is one, and otherwise returns #f. [99] default-language-declaration = (declare-default-language expression) A default-language-declaration declares the current language which is used initially in the evaluation of an expression. The expression shall evaluate to a language object. (with-language language proc) The with-language procedure calls proc, which shall be a procedure of no arguments, with language as the current language.

This is distinct from the lazy-evaluation semantics of Haskell, or the call-byname semantics of Algol 60, where an argument expression is not evaluated unless its value is needed by the procedure. The expression language, like most dialects of Lisp, employs a fully parenthesized prefix notation for expressions and (other) data; the grammar of the expression language generates a sublanguage of the language used for data. 1 Variables and Regions Any identifier that is not a syntactic-keyword may be used as a variable.

97] added-char-properties-declaration = (add-char-properties keyword-argument-list character+) [98] keyword-argument-list = (keyword expression)* The added-char-properties-declaration adds properties to each of the characters. The keywordargument-list specifies the properties to be added. The keyword specifies the property name, and the expression specifies the property value. Each property either shall be a property that is predefined in this International Standard or it shall be explicitly declared using a characterproperty-declaration.

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