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John Wyclif (d. 1384) has too usually been defined as "Morning big name of the Reformation" and just recently began to be studied as a fourteenth-century English thinker and theologian. This paintings attracts on fresh scholarship situating Wyclif in his fourteenth-century milieu to offer a survey of his concept and writings as a coherent theological place coming up from Oxford's "Golden Age" of theology.

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The pope’s luck held, however, in that the new government’s reaction to Wyclif ’s approach was less than enthusiastic. Arnald Garnier, a papal agent assigned to collect funds, had begun pressing the Crown for a substantial sum of money. The child king’s council requested that Wyclif provide a written assessment of whether or not the wyclif’s life and work 19 kingdom of England could lawfully withhold these funds, which he provided in his Responsio of 1377. Here, he attacked the papal presumption of worldly pomp, just as he had in De Civili Dominio.

But much of what Wyclif would later write had already been debated in the early decades of the fourteenth century, and in many instances, his seemingly forwardlooking ideas had been in the works at the Oxford schools for years before he was born. Theology in the thirteenth century was characterized by grand, allencompassing systematizing, but in the fourteenth century, it evolved into a more epistemologically oriented project, preoccupied with questions as to the possibility of understanding theology to be a science.

And that I am one of those wordy sophists who cannot distinguish between sign and signified. ”15 Kenningham attacked Wyclif ’s theory of signification, which he held prevented a complex interpretation of scriptural commands, as well as his theory of how universals are part of the divine nature, holding that Wyclif ’s realism compromised correct understanding of God’s unified perfection. These attacks appear in the compendium of documents attributed to another Carmelite, Thomas Netter, called Fasciculi Zizianorum (The Bundle of Tares).

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