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This quantity is the 1st full-length learn of penthos (tears of contrition) considering that Hausherr's in 1944. It strains its exposition within the early jap Christian culture, via specific research of Greek and Syriac texts by way of Klimakos, Ephrem, Isaac and Symeon the recent Theologian.

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As a result of this, and the flawed and archaic methodology, it becomes increasingly difficult to locate Hausherr’s line of argument within a plethora of patristic proof texts. The final three Chapters, which consider two ‘effects of penthos’ and sum up his findings, are equally problematic, for the same reason that they do not approach their sources with sufficient sensitivity to the writers’ own intentions and cultural-theological situation. There is no index, and the bibliography consists merely of two pages of abbreviations, which are not adequately explained.

163 He proposes refining this by drawing instead on: a series of individual studies on the various masters whom Hausherr so widely cites. 164 Driscoll illustrates this brilliantly in his methodical appraisal of seven of Evagrios’ chapters on prayer. He explores his chosen text in far more detail than Hausherr does any of his multitude of texts. Driscoll identifies the need to place the texts cited in their context, locating them within the tradition as a whole, and connecting them to other 160 1994.

Stepaniants (1994) 59. Hourani (1991) 73. Quoted Huidberg (1962) 146. 109, cited Renard (1998) 57. Logothetis (2000) 59–61. Vlachos (1994), especially 143, 183, 252, 280 and 320. introduction 19 more will be said about her work when considering the secondary material on the subject. But there is plenty within the eastern territories of the Medieval world to provide the basis for a coherent appraisal of the subject. Common theological and pragmatic experiences of God and his Church bind together a desert father, a Byzantine abbot, a Syrian monk and a deacon, who are the narrators in this account.

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