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By M. G. L. Mills

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This beast has a stone in its eye, also referred to as an Yena, that is believed to make an individual capable of foresee the longer term if he retains it lower than his tongue. it really is actual that if an Yena walks around an animal 3 times, the animal can't stream. consequently they verify that it has a few type of magic ability approximately it. (Translated from Latin, from the 12th century Bestiary within the collage of Cambridge Library. ) probably it isn't only fortuitous that of all of the African animals, the ancients must have chosen the hyaena as a automobile for magical powers. in fact, there are sturdy clinical motives for this; the animals' nocturnal behavior round human habitation, the intake of people's mortal is still, the surprising hermaphroditic visual appeal, the uncanny similarity among the calls of a noticed hyaena and the utterances of deranged humanity. yet except all rational causes for the unusual carry of the animal over humans, there's a magic approximately hyaenas which could basically be understood by means of those that have watched them for a while. there's a now transforming into band people, who got here to the African bush with all our prejudices, with all that 'common wisdom' approximately hyaenas which proved so completely improper, and who simply fell for the spell of animals that have been so completely different.

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20 Sex ratios (males:females) of adult springbok in the population, and from predator kills and non-violent mortality. 50; dJ. 2; dJ. 05 Population Non-violent • Population vs. agent of mortality relatively high incidence of porcupines in the sample of lion kills, in spite of the bias against small food items with the techniques used, is noteworthy. The phenomenon of Kalahari lions killing this and other small prey has been discussed by Eloff (1973a, b, 1984). 21 lists the known cheetah kills. 21 An analysis of cheetah ki11s from the southern Kalahari.

18). 19), although they did for older individuals (Fig. 18) (7). The age structure of wildebeest dying non-violently was similar to that of those killed by lions (Fig. 18), although in this case there was no difference from the age structure of the survivors (8). 1. 18 An analysis of lion kills from the southern Kalahari. 17 An adult male lion guards his adult wildebeest kill. 18 The ratio of the percentage of adult wildebeest of each age-class killed by lions (n = 86) to the percentage of wildebeest of each age-class randomly shot (n = 31), and the ratio of the percentage of adult wildebeest of each age-class which died non-violently (n = 96) to the percentage of each age-class in the shot sample.

Both fruits have a low calorific value (30-100 kJ/100g, A. Wehmeyer personal communication), with 22 tsamas yielding equivalent energy to 1 kg of fresh meat (Mills & Mills 1978). ) They are, however, rich in trace elements and vitamin C. n important source of water for brown hyaenas, considering that much of their vertebrate food is dry when eaten. 30 FEEDING ECOLOGY ,, \ \ \ \ , \ ~" , , \ 1976 o, ___ boundary between rover and dunes habitat _ _ transect o • tsama gemsbok cucumber <> 1-10 10-100 <:> 100-250 0 ~250 Figure 2,10 Distribution and size of tsama and gemsbok cucumber patches in the brown hyaena Kwang territory, 197/'r1979.

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