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By Kenneth C. Ford John Graeme M.; Balcomb

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Episodes of resting may last from less than an hour to more than 7 hours, with an average duration of about 2 hours. During the summer months, when most behavioural data have been recorded, resident whales spend about 13% of their time resting. 1. The maleA5 and his mother A9 (deceased, 1990) are photoidentified as they cruise slowly in Johnstone Strait. 2. The conical, interlocking teeth of killer whales are well suited for a wide variety of prey, from small schooling fish to large whales. 30 Watching Killer Whales Socializing.

Instead, their ages are given as the latest year the whale could have been born (for more details on age estimation, see papers by Bigg et al. [1990] and Olesiuk et al. [1990], listed in the Bibliography). As the proportion of individuals that have been born during our study increases, the overall accuracy of ages will also improve. The year of death for whales that have died during the study is given in the schematic family trees for each matriline included in the catalogue. Bodies of whales are seldom recovered following death - the whales simply disappear and are never seen again.

Establishing the gender of juveniles and calves, however, can be quite difficult. If a small 44 Catalogue of Resident Killer Whales whale happens to roll upside down at the surface, and if we are fortunate enough to get a clear view or photograph of its underside, its sex can be determined from distinctive pigmentation patterns in the genital area and from the presence of mammary slits in females. We know the gender of many juveniles and calves belonging to common pods because such opportunities have arisen.

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