Kinship and Behavior in Primates by Bernard Chapais, Carol M. Berman PDF

By Bernard Chapais, Carol M. Berman

ISBN-10: 0195148894

ISBN-13: 9780195148893

This ebook offers a sequence of assessment chapters at the numerous features of primate kinship and behaviour, as a basic reference for college students and pros drawn to primate habit, ecology and evolution. The rather new molecular info permit one to evaluate at once levels of genetic relatedness and kinship family among members, and a substantial physique of information on intergroup version, in keeping with experimental reports in either free-ranging and captive teams has accrued, permitting a slightly complete and pleasant reconsideration of this entire wide region of study. The booklet might be of substantial curiosity to scholars of social evolution and behavioral ecology.

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DNA segment (oligonucleotide or larger DNA fragment) used to hybridize to a mixed or genomic DNA sample to identify that locus in the sample. The probe is usually labeled with radioactive material or other chemical attachments to facilitate visualization of the hybridized fragment on a solid matrix. Random amplified polymorphic DNA, a process by which short, nonspecific primers are used to amplify unknown regions of genomic DNA and thus to create individual-specific banding patterns. Restriction fragment length polymorphism, fragments of DNA created by the enzymatic hydrolysis of DNA based on the enzymatic recognition of specific DNA sequences.

Slight differences in allele size occur sometimes because of the different properties of the various fluorescent dyes attached to the SBE products. L1 and L2 refer to two multiplexed loci. Determination of Genealogical Relationships from Genetic Data 19 20 DETERMINING KIN RELATIONSHIPS In all primates, two of the nuclear chromosomes are sex chromosomes. The X and Y chromosomes are inherited in a sex-biased fashion, and are thus useful for studies of matrilineality and patrilineality, as well as for sex determination.

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Kinship and Behavior in Primates by Bernard Chapais, Carol M. Berman

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