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One way to do this is to make sure that whatever image you want on Layer Depth | 25 top is always drawn last. This method will work, but as the number of images you use in your game increases, organizing and staggering your Draw calls to achieve the desired results will become excruciatingly cumbersome. Thankfully, XNA lets you specify a layer depth for each individual image, which allows you to always place images in the right Z order. Draw method calls to the overloaded method used in the previous example.

Zero for now. Scale float Scales the image. Use 1 to draw the image the same size as the original image. 5f. Effects SpriteEffects Uses the SpriteEffects enum to flip the image horizontally or vertically. LayerDepth float Allows you to specify which images are on top of other images. Use 0 for now. 0f = 100% size). FlipHorizontally to make the image render as flipped in the horizontal direction. Draw method will display the second XNA logo reversed horizontally and slightly larger than the other XNA logo (Figure 2-6).

You’ll be doing that sort of thing throughout this book, and soon you’ll understand exactly how to make it happen. Once the game exits the game loop, UnloadContent is called. This method is used to unload any content loaded in the LoadContent method that requires special unload handling. NET) will handle all your garbage collection for you, but if you’ve modified memory in some object that requires special handling, the UnloadContent method will allow you to take care of that here. Game Development Versus Polling | 13 Modifying Your Game All right, enough talk.

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