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By Wes Beckwith, Steve Warner, Robin Wood

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Better half CD integrated with illustrations demonstrating using LightWave in function motion pictures! LightWave 3D [8]: 1001 information & methods brings jointly thirty-one masters within the fields of personality modeling, animation, texturing, lighting fixtures, electronic cinematography, lighting tricks, and programming to supply a myriad of precious advice for all degrees of LightWave clients. no matter if you ve simply began utilizing LightWave otherwise you ve been utilizing it for years, this ebook of collective knowledge will assist you in achieving higher ends up in much less time via a mixture of hidden software program gains, time-saving tips, strategies. The 1,354 information hide each point of LightWave, together with configuration, modeling, texturing, staging, lights, animating, lighting tricks, rendering, compositing, scripting, and troubleshooting.

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Click in that text entry box and move the cursor toward the right all the way to the end of the line of text. Here you will add a new line of text to tell LightWave exactly what config files to use when loading. Add -cPath into that window replacing “Path” with the path to your newly created Config folder. For example, if LightWave is installed on the C: drive in a folder called LightWave, you would add the following path to the text entry box: -cC:\LightWave\Config. exe -cC:\LightWave\Config. This will force LightWave to use the config files found only in this Config folder, which will allow you to easily manage and back up your configs.

I recommend taking the whole slew and putting them into an Old LightWave Prefs folder when you change versions of the program. That way, if you need to go back to the old version, you’ll have them all. Versions: All 127 Dave Jerrard | Installation and Configuration | All Levels Using Common Config Files If you want to redirect LightWave to use a common configuration in situations where you have a network of LightWave workstations, you can also use the -c option. This way, when plug-ins need to be added, they only need to be added once, and all the other installations will automatically find them.

Although that is a very efficient way of modeling, a character tends to have more personality if it has slight differences between the left and right sides such as one hand that is lower, a slightly bent ear, or even a mole on the cheek. Versions: All 32 | Design, Pre-visualization, and Prep Chapter 2 Design | 33 Design 104 Todd Grimes | Design | All Levels Before You Model Him, You Have to Know Him When designing characters, it helps to know everything about who the character is and what his or her role is in the story.

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