Alfred L. Gardner's Mammals of South America, Volume 1: Marsupials, Xenarthrans, PDF

By Alfred L. Gardner

ISBN-10: 0226282406

ISBN-13: 9780226282404

The massive terrain among Panama and Tierra del Fuego comprises a number of the world’s richest mammalian fauna, yet beforehand it has lacked a complete systematic connection with the identity, distribution, and taxonomy of its mammals. the 1st such booklet of its style and the inaugural quantity in a three-part sequence, Mammals of South the United States both summarizes present info and encourages extra learn of the mammals indigenous to the region. Containing identity keys and short descriptions of every order, kin, and genus, the 1st quantity of Mammals of South the United States covers marsupials, shrews, armadillos, sloths, anteaters, and bats. Species money owed comprise taxonomic descriptions, synonymies, keys to id, distributions with maps and a gazetteer of marginal localities, lists of well-known subspecies, short summaries of ordinary background info, and discussions of concerns regarding taxonomic interpretations.Highly expected and lots more and plenty wanted, this publication should be a landmark contribution to mammalogy, zoology, tropical biology, and conservation biology.

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O. C. Vieira, 1955:345; incorrect subsequent spelling of Didelphys lechei Ihering. Didelphis lechii Cabrera, 1958:41; incorrect subsequent spelling of Didelphys lechei Ihering. Didelphis azarae azarae: Cabrera, 1958:41; name combination; not Didelphys azarae Temminck. Didelphis albiventris: Hershkovitz, 1969:54; first modern use of current name combination. d i s t r i b u t i o n : Didelphis albiventris occurs from northeastern and central Brazil (Caatinga and Cerrado habitats, enclaves, and transition zones) into central and southern Paraguay, east in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, and south into Uruguay and Argentina as far south as Buenos Aires province in the east and the Monte Desert in west.

Gamba aurita, var. brasiliensis Liais, 1872:239; part; no type locality mentioned; implied type locality Brazil. Didelphis marsupialis var. azarae: O. Thomas, 1888b:328; name combination; not Didelphys azarae Temminck, 1824b. Didelphis marsupialis azarae: Cope, 1889a:129; name combination; not Didelphys azarae Temminck, 1824b. Didelphys Azarae, m[utacion]. antiqua Ameghino, 1889: ´ 278; type locality “Barrancas del R´ıo Primero, en los alrededores de la ciudad de Cordoba,” Cordoba, Ar´ ´ gentina.

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