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800 to all the bishops and abbots of his kingdoms emphasizing the close association of learning and correct observance of the Christian faith. The extraordinary response to this encouragement by Frankish scholars, artists and artisans is the intensely creative cultural and religious achievement known as the 52 Carolingian Renaissance. The most obvious symbol of cultural continuity with the Roman past was the cultivation of Latin as the language of religion, education and learning; very few scholars in the Latin West could read Greek before the eleventh century.

The separate kingdoms and territorial principalities which formed in the course of the tenth and eleventh centuries also had many political and BRITTAN BRETON legal institutions, and Christian and Y MARCH cultural traditions in common. 778 march or ganiz ed, 799 surrender of all Brittany to th e Franks Dorestad Boulogne Tournai Quentovic 0° 50° St. Wandrille Rouen Bayeux A St Riquier Corbie Tertry 687 U Attigny Quierzy St Denis Paris NEUSTRIA Chartres Rheims Ponthion Sens Orléans Pippin III’s territorial expansion was Tours triumphantly extended by his son Charlemagne 733/4 Bourges with the conclusion of the conquest of Aquitaine Besançon (768), the conquests of the Lombard kingdom (774) Clermont BURGUNDY Limoges and of the Saxons (completed by 797 after protracted A Q U ITANIA campaigns), the annexation of Bavaria in 788, the Lyons 768–9 submission of the Avars in 796, and the 45° Bordeaux Vienne establishment of the Breton and Spanish marches between 800 and 813.

As well as dealing with religious and doctrinal issues Charlemagne reforms the coinage and regulates weights and measures Destruction of Avar Ring and capture of the Avar treasure by the Franks Subjugation of the Saxons by the Franks after 30 years of military campaigning Charlemagne crowned by Pope Leo III as Emperor of the Romans in St Peter’s church, Rome 39 40 812 813 814 843 875 Byzantium recognized Charlemagne as basileus Charlemagne crowns his son Louis as emperor Death of Charlemagne Treaty of Verdun and tripartite division of the Carolingian empire Charles the Bald, king of the west Franks (840–877), crowned emperor by Pope John VIII The Empire Of Charlemagne And His Successors S LOUIS T Y KINGDOM OF LOUIS II T S TE PAPAL STATE The division of the Carolingian empire at the Treaty of Verdun in 843, between the surviving sons of Louis the Pious: Lothar, Charles the Bald and Louis the German.

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