New PDF release: Methods and Reagents for Green Chemistry.. An Introduction

By Tundo P., Perosa A., Zecchini F. (eds.)

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Kolb, B. Beck, A. , 44, 3679 (2003). 88. B. E. Ebert, Doctoral Thesis, Technical University of Munich, 1998. 89. B. E. Ebert, I. Ugi, M. , Tetrahedron, 54, 11887 (1998). 90. I. K. Ugi, B. Ebert, W. Ho¨rl, Chemosphere, 43, 75 (2001). 2 CARBOHYDRATES AS RENEWABLE RAW MATERIALS: A MAJOR CHALLENGE OF GREEN CHEMISTRY FRIEDER W. 1 INTRODUCTION Coal, oil, and natural gas, the fossil resources built up over eons, are not only our main energy suppliers but they are also raw materials for a large variety of man-made products ranging from gasoline and diesel oil to bulk, intermediate, and fine chemicals.

6 Furanoic polyesters and polyamides of potential industrial significance. Indeed, an impressive series of furanic polyesters and polyamides has been prepared15 in which the furan-dicarboxylic acid replaces terephthalic and isophthalic acid in the present industrial products (cf. 6), yet none has proved economically competitive to existing products. Thus, as of now, HMF, is not produced on an industrial scale. A tentative assessment of its economics as compared to petrochemical raw materials clearly unfolds the reasons underlying: ton prices of naphtha and ethylene are in the 150–400 E range, that of anilin (500 E/t), and of fructose in particular (1000 E/t) are substantially higher, entailing an HMF-marketing price of at least 2500 E/t—too expensive at present for a bulk-scale industrial product.

It has a good chance to form stereoselectively high yields of products whose auxiliary group can be selectively removed. 16 Chiral amino carbohydrates employed in the U-4CR. 45 prepared these and additional 1-amino-carbohydrates, 62, which were used as the amine components of the U-4CRs. Thus, a-aminoacid derivatives could be prepared stereoselectively in good yields. ) ZnCl2 – OEt2 or CeCl3 – 7H2O or ZrCl4 were used as catalysts. e. can result. The auxiliary carbohydrate parts of the products could be removed only moderately.

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