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Molality, m, is often considered obsolete. Differentiate m and meters (m) by context. § These are commonly used non-SI units. CHEMISTRY 23 TEACHER CERTIFICATION STUDY GUIDE Decimal multiples of SI units are formed by attaching a prefix directly before the unit and a symbol prefix directly before the unit symbol. SI prefixes range from 10–24 to 1024. 5 x 10–9 m. 5 nanometers. 2 mm on each side so that the number before the unit is between 1 and 1000. 0002 m)3 or 8 x 10–12 m3. Conversions of volumes and areas using powers of units of length must take the power into account.

Keep containers closed when they are not in use. Never pipet by mouth. Restrain loose clothing and long hair and remove dangling jewelry. Tape all Dewar flasks with fabric-based tape. Check all glassware before use. Discard if chips or star cracks are present. Never leave heat sources unattended. Do not store chemicals and/or apparatus on the lab bench or on the floor or aisles of the lab or storage room. Keep lab shelves organized. Never place a chemical, not even water, near the edges of a lab bench.

O Stay under the shower for 15 minutes while a doctor is called. Splashes in eyes should be dealt with as follows: o Go to the eyewash fountain within 30 seconds. o Have someone else hold their eyelids open with thumb and forefinger and use the eyewash. CHEMISTRY 40 TEACHER CERTIFICATION STUDY GUIDE o Continuously move their eyeballs during 15 minutes of rinsing to cleanse the optic nerve at the back of the eye. A doctor should be called. Procedures for toxic materials: minimize exposure Toxic effects are either chronic or acute.

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