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Annoyed by this method, Klingensmith feh it was interference and that Ford did not trust him. A number of times I saw him almost in tears over the situation, and it only made matters worse when he ran to Edsel for sym pathy. He didn't then grasp Henry Ford's determination that no one else would control finances the way Couzens had. No one was going to run off with his business. By the time Couzens, Wills, and John Dodge were out of the way, the company was Henry Ford's empire in fact as well as in name.

I told him I would stop payment at once and that we would get ready to make the parts our selves. Within the next few days our people actually made some of the parts, better and for a lot less than Dodge prices. John got that news when he went to Couzens and Henry Ford about me. I continued to call on him, but there was always a battle over whatever I brought to his attention. One Monday morn ing I was at the Dodge shop early. A secretary asked me into the office, saying that Mr. Dodge would be in any minute.

He also brought considerable order to office routine. But the toilsome record-keeping of the cost-account ing systems he installed initially was a bureaucrat's heaven and a production man's hell, and the latter is where much of it went. org/access_use#pd-google Under Hawkins's cost-time study, a part such as a piston entered production bearing a ticket which covered every operation. If ten operations were involved, an entry was made on the ticket after each stage before proceeding to the next one.

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