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Est-on en droit de parler de "religion" pour les Grecs, au sens où nous entendons ce terme ?Non, répond l´auteur, dans l. a. mesure où le polythéisme des Grecs ne doit pas être confondu avec les religions monothéistes révélées. Alors que ces dernières visent à assurer le salut team of workers de l´individu, au sein d´une Église, avec une ouverture sur l´au-delà, los angeles faith polythéiste des Grecs s´exerce dans le cadre politique de los angeles cité antique.Engagé dans les associations de los angeles cité, le religieux apparaît dès lors orienté vers los angeles vie terrestre : il vise à ménager aux citoyens une life pleinement humaine ici-bas, non à assurer leur salut dans l´autre monde.Ce que los angeles faith laisse en dehors de son champ et que des courants sectaires et marginaux prennent en cost, los angeles philosophie se l´appropriera.

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The strong identification felt by the subjects with the former personalities, the powerful emotional attachment expressed by them towards surviving past life relatives and friends, and the spontaneity of these, usually help to confirm the validity of such cases and exclude the possibility of fraud. Past Life Ther apy Past life therapy is based on the premise that some people carry in their subconscious mind memories of unpleasant events of their past lives, and these subconscious memories adversely affect them in their present lives.

Crossing the 31 event horizon is a one-way journey and after crossing it nothing can come back, not even light. Here the body disintegrates after death and the immaterial part is either annihilated or gets into a scientifically unknown state and remains there forever, ie. each individual is born, lives one lifetime and at the end of it passes the event horizon of death to a state of no return. 4) death is not an event horizon because only the body, the material part, disitegrates and goes into a state of no return.

If scientifically accepted, rebirth will have a stake in defining human identity in the 21st century. Scientific Examination of Rebirth There are two possible scenarios – No-Rebirth scenario and Rebirth scenario – that can be considered. A human being is composed of the body and an immaterial part. The body, which is the material part, is well understood because it fell within the Classical Science realm of Res Extensa and was extensively studied by scientists. The immaterial part has not been studied by scientists because it fell within the Classical Science realm of Res Cogitans.

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