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By Zygmunt Bauman, Stanislaw Obirek

ISBN-10: 0745695701

ISBN-13: 9780745695709

During this enticing discussion, Zygmunt Bauman, sociologist and thinker, and Stanislaw Obirek, theologian and cultural historian, discover where of spirituality and faith on this planet this present day and within the daily lives of people. Their dialog levels from the plight of monotheistic religions forged onto a polytheistic global degree to the character of spiritual event and its effect on human worldviews and existence thoughts; from Messianic and Promethean rules of redemption and salvation to the prospect and customers of inter-religious discussion and the standards status in its way.While ranging from varied locations, Bauman and Obirek are pushed by way of an analogous challenge to reconcile the multiplicity of religions with the oneness of humanity, and to take action in a manner that avoids the catch of adhering to a unmarried fact, bearing witness in its place to the multiplicity of human truths and the range of cultures and faiths. For every little thing inventive in human lifestyles has its roots in human variety; it isn't human variety that turns brother opposed to brother however the refusal of it. the elemental situation of peace, harmony and benevolent cooperation between people is a willingness to simply accept that there's a multiplicity of how of being human, and a willingness to just accept the version of coexistence that this multiplicity calls for.

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For now I am left with the memory of unfinished conversations with Stanisław Lem, which were very moving to me at the time, and which I still come back to with a sense of amazement at his brilliance and rare sensitivity. I have written about them many times, but I would like to draw on them for the purposes of our conversation. Moved by the moral anxieties of Lem, I asked him where his great care for the world and for people came from. After all, I said stupidly, this is the domain of believers, ‘servants of God’, not atheists like him, who are indifferent to the moral condition of humankind.

SO So, I will begin from the end. You say, Zygmunt, that the breeding grounds of fundamentalisms, whether they be secular or religious, are the same – man’s longing for signs, certainties, which he does not find in himself, and therefore seeks, longingly searching for solutions, experts, authorities. This is true. I observe its accuracy even when reading the results of the Gallup study, which as usual encompasses the entire globe. Referring to selfidentification or declared affiliations, they examine fluctuations and changes among the religious community and those who call themselves atheists.

You say that my idea of paying tribute to one God in various forms is utopian. Agreed, but aren’t utopias a measure of changes that took place once upon a time and might even be happening before our very eyes? I truly believe this. The real problem with believers in monotheism is based on the fact that, on the one hand, they tolerate differences (everyone who believes in ‘my God’ becomes my brother or sister), but, on the other, they build new walls. And those walls cannot be crumbled – once I have possessed this one single truth, why should I keep searching?

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