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By Sayadaw U Pandita

At the route to Freedom is a set of Sayadaw's dhamma talks given to Western yogis on the Mahasi Centre, Myanmar (Burma) in 1986-1987.

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26 Continuing through the story of Book IV, the reader discovers that the celebration of YHWH as king does not appear ex nihilo in Ps 93. “The groundwork for the shift in Psalm 93 has already been established in the general and joyful praises in Psalm 92”27 Psalm 93 continues the reorientation of the people to the sovereignty of YHWH. YHWH is king and creator and superior to chaos and all other gods in this brief hymn, but what of Moses and the Torah? Does Moses continue to play a role in this reorientation?

39 While such an occurrence is not uncommon for psalms without superscriptions,40 it is also possible that something else could be at work here. The shapers of those Hebrew manuscripts may have noticed certain lexical and thematic connections between these psalms. In Psalm 90, Moses praises YHWH as a Nw(m (“refuge”) from generation to generation. 41 Psalm 91 also uses two names for the deity, typically associated with pre-Mosaic religion: yd# and Nwyl(. 43 The faithful in Ps 91 will also find the protection of Yawheh’s “hrb)” or “pinions” (v.

Eaton is correct that the speaker’s enemies and YHWH’s enemies are the same; however, what qualifies them as “enemy” is their character. ” (v 7) “All evildoers shall be scattered” (v 9). 64 With the apparent expression of retributive justice, the classification is likely unavoidable. While the thanksgiving message of the psalm is clear, it is hard not to see a remembrance of Ps 1 in Ps 92:12–15. 65 The psalm is simply a summary of Ps 37 and Ps 73—eventually, the wicked will be destroyed. H. J. ”67 As though aware of a canonical reading of the Psalter, it is also clear to Kraus that this psalm of thanksgiving has come after a time of doubt and struggle.

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