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By Warren N. Herman, Steven R. Flom, and Stephen H. Foulger (Eds.)

ISBN-10: 084122563X

ISBN-13: 9780841225633

ISBN-10: 0841225648

ISBN-13: 9780841225640

content material: creation / Warren N. Herman, Steven R. Flom, and Stephen H. Foulger --
natural electro-optic fabrics / Larry R. Dalton ... [et al.] --
Substituent results of inside destinations of enormous dyes: alterations in first hyperpolarizability as anticipated by means of DFT / G.A. Lindsay and A.P. Chafin --
Molecular layout and supramolecular association of excessive effective nonlinear optical chromophores for unparalleled electro-optic homes / Xing-Hua Zhou ... [et al.] --
floor Plasmon polariton waveguides in nonlinear optical polymer / Jin Hyoung Lee ... [et al.] --
Photorefractive polymers for updatable holographic monitors / R.A. Norwood ... [et al.] --
excessive voltage poling of bulk guest-host polymers / Robert C. Hoffman ... [et al.] --
Photosensitive polymeric fabrics for two-photon 3D malicious program optical facts garage and microfabrication / Ciceron O. Yanez ... [et al.] --
Fabrication of high-performance optical units utilizing multiphoton absorption polymerization / Linjie Li ... [et al.] --
section experiment ideas for measuring section of complicated x⁽³⁾ of nonlinear polymer skinny motion pictures / Weilou Cao --
Electroluminescence with colloidal debris / Christopher F. Huebner, David D. Evanoff, Jr., and Stephen H. Foulger --
Coextruded multilayer all polymer dye lasers / Joseph Lott ... [et al.] --
strong country natural sunlight cells / Paul A. Lane --
excessive fill-factor natural bulk heterojunction photovoltaic units utilizing a hugely carrying out hole-doped polymer shipping layer / M. Ballarotto, W.N. Herman, and D.B. Romero --
Photophysical and photoconductive houses of novel natural semiconductors / A.D. Platt ... [et al.] --
Ultrathin self-assembled organophosphonic acid monolayers/ steel oxides hybrid dielectrics for low-voltage box impression transistors / Hong Ma ... [et al.] --
Ultrafast photoinduced service dynamics of natural semiconductors measured by way of time-resolved terahertz spectroscopy / Okan Esenturk ... [et al.] --
Photoinduced service dynamics in natural bulk heterojunctions studied via sub-picosecond optical pump-THz probe time area / Yi-Hsing ... [et al.].

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