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5 these structuralist views are themselves subjected to a critique. On the one hand I accept that the rigour and internal logic of these accounts is a vast improvement upon neo-Marxism. On the other hand I am not convinced that such theorising is the last word in radical development thinking. In my judgement there are problems with an account which depends so heavily upon Althusserian structuralism. In formal terms these problems are those of rationalism and structural causality. Less opaquely, we are faced with the old problem of determinism.

At each point the international, national and local capitalist system generates economic development for the few and underdevelopment for the many (Frank, 1969, pp. 2). Frank moved beyond Baran, however, when he declared that these monopolistic surplus transfers had been characteristic of capitalism since the time of its birth; that they were not just a product of an unhappy later stage. For Frank these unequal global exchange relations become the very essence of capitalism, and in Capitalism, Development and Underdevelopment Developing metropolitan economy Primary commodities Manufactured goods ______ SOURCE FIGURE I nter -metropol itan trade ~ ~ ~ ~ 31 Underdeveloping peripheral economy Metropolitan sph ere of influence = = = Capitalist world system Adapted from Gore (1984), Figure 21.

Wallerstein argues that there are not two, but three, tiers of states: those of the core, the periphery and the semi-periphery. 'The essential difference between these is the strength of the state machine in different areas' (Brewer, 1980, p. 165), and it is this which cranks the handle of Wallerstein's model of surplus transfer. Actors in the core (the capitalists) are able to call on their state machines to manipulate an economic system which is otherwise geared to the geographical equalisation of profits.

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