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By James Jacobs

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Lords of Sin

Demons have plagued heroes because the sunrise of time. they're legion, as assorted because the numerous mortal sins that provide them beginning, and ever longing for new possibilities to damage the works of humanity. but regardless of the chance, boastful mortals stay excited about demons, and should be the major in which those fiends shall inherit the world!

Demons Revisited offers 10 of the game’s so much infamous demons, offering information at the sins that spawn every one kind, what roles they play at the Abyss, and what specific devastations they like to wreak at the mortal realm, given the opportunity. furthermore, each one bankruptcy provides a listing of certain demons drawn from the Pathfinder crusade atmosphere, besides a whole stat block for one of the most robust demons in their kind.

Inside this ebook, you’ll find:

• Balors, the best of the demon races and rulers in their personal Abyssal realms.
• Invidiaks, identified additionally as shadow demons—fiends of envy who exist basically to own the our bodies of the living.
• Mariliths, demonic multi-armed generals born from the souls of the main boastful and proud evil souls.
• Succubi, attractive yet lethal seductresses who use appeal, subtlety, and mind-control to accomplish power.
• Vrocks, bestial and foul avian demons born of wrath and hate.
• 5 different demon forms: the slime-dripping babaus, the honey-tongued glabrezus, the toad-like hezrous, the gluttonous nabasus, and the greed-spawned nalfeshnees.

Demons Revisited is meant to be used with the Pathfinder Roleplaying video game and Pathfinder crusade environment, yet can simply be utilized in any fable video game atmosphere.

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Ghost touch weapons and armor or ioun stones, there are relatively few items the invidiak can easily keep for itself Those who have the resources often seek out magical tomes or manuals to increase their ability scores, but for the most part, the treasure an invidiak enjoys must be limited to that possessed in turn by those the demon possesses. Invidiaks are perilously common in the Worldwound, but they can also be encountered with some frequency in Nidal, where their appearance and demeanor meshes well with that land's obsession with all things shadowy.

Lixiriltha, The Jade Coil (variant 22 HD marilith; Research DC 32 G ; Sanctum ofthe Serpent God 71) : Lixiriltha, like her daughter Raviaza, has atrophied in power since her master Ydersius's defeat by the Azlanti heroine Savith so many thousands ofyears ago, yet unlike Raviaza, Lixiriltha has retained a portion of those powers. Lixiriltha is much more serpentine than others of her kind; her head sports a mane of serpents for hair much like that of a medusa (her gaze has the power to transform those who succumb into jade statues), and the end of her tail presents yet another serpentine maw.

During the honeymoon, Ilzunae brings the friend to a distant city via teleportation, informs the friend of her plans before releasing him, then teleports back to the honeymooners, where she possesses one of them to enjoy their first night of wedded bliss. The non­ possessed spouse never survives until the dawn, and if they are lucky, Ilzunae waits until the final hour of the night to shift from sharing bliss to giving pain. She then abandons the possessed widow or widower with a message that all this was made possible through the jealousy of the friend, who has fled to a distant city.

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