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By F. Wesley Schneider

ISBN-10: 1601257570

ISBN-13: 9781601257574

From cults' mystery sanctums to the fortresses of diabolical demigods in Hell itself, the machinations of devils permeate the realm of the Pathfinder Roleplaying online game. discover the unholy minions of Hell during this fell grimoire, which contains a dozen particular devils and different infernal affects able to convey their sinister plots to any gaming desk. every one heinous foe is gifted with an in depth heritage, lair, minions, and entire information, permitting video game Masters to take advantage of them as depraved additions to any video game or because the centerpiece of tricky plots that shape the very middle of campaigns of intrigue and treachery. Muster all of your braveness and discover the pages inside of to find:

• Unholy manifestations of robust devils and deities, permitting the denizens of Hell to exert their will upon the mortal world.
• A glimpse into the soul-markets of the infernal city of Dis, together with the steep costs of the bizarre goods peddled there.
• information of the Hellknights' deadly attempt of worthiness—one-on-one wrestle with a summoned devil.
• Profane details at the notorious publication of the Damned, together with a self-contained demiplane in the booklet retaining all of its sinister secrets.
• The exorcism of an blameless baby, possessed by way of a sadistic satan and used as a puppet in an elaborate infernal plot of revenge.
• A march during the fort of 1 of Hell's godlike gatekeepers—the infernal duke Furcas.

Pathfinder crusade atmosphere: Hell Unleashed is meant to be used with the Pathfinder Roleplaying video game and the Pathfinder crusade surroundings, yet can simply be utilized in any fable online game surroundings.

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Plant growth must be cast on the seeds after they sprout (in 2d6 days). Effect For as long as the manifestation remains undestroyed, a 100-foot circle around the focal corpse is affected as the overgrowth effect of the spell plant growth. These plants are immune to fire. While the unusual plants are obvious, the guardian hidden within is not. If a creature that is not lawful evil enters the affected area, a knight-like figure made of knotted ivy rises to attack. The knight has the same statistics as a shambling mound and recovers 5 hit points every round it remains within the overgrown area.

Hidden Cache This hidden room houses the rarest items in the collection. The room has no doors or windows, and the only way to enter is by teleportation. 36 Hell Unleashed 1ST FLOOR 2ND FLOOR Introduction TO 3 Diabolical Influences 2 Benabak 3 TO 2 Book of the Damned Cult of Lies 4 Darukarex TO 5 TO 4 6 5 Emporium Isitalba 1 EMPORIUM ISITALBA Dinya’s Possession BASEMENT The Whore Queen’s Wares 1 SQUARE = 5 FEET UPPER FLOOR (20% MARKUP) Base Value 160,000 gp; Medium Items 4d6; Major Items 4d4 The following entries include the base value of the magic items available on each floor, the number of medium and major magic items above each floor’s base value, and special items available when the PCs first arrive.

Those who do almost instantly emerge from the hellmouth’s one-eyed twin in Dis, in a plaza of avant-garde topiaries not far from the Market of Breaths. Above the alcove, a massive clawed adamantine hand juts through the Torn Oath’s endless falls of liquid iron. At Furcas’s command, the hand can open or close its grip. When the hand opens, the ascent to Voulgaz’s alcove clears and cools. When it closes, molten metal veils the recess and floods the path below. Unbeknownst to all but Furcas, the archdevils, and Asmodeus himself, the claw belongs to an ancient, lawful evil formian titan called Legionnaire.

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