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There's an unseen international throughout you. at the streets and within the halls of energy, on your goals and around the strange planes of the multiverse, there are those that stroll between us like giants between ants, twisting truth to their wills of their look for historical wisdom. Now pull again the curtain of the mundane global and research the secrets and techniques of those occult masters—if you dare!

Pathfinder RPG Occult Adventures is an crucial significant other to the Pathfinder RPG middle Rulebook. This ingenious tabletop video game builds upon over 15 years of approach improvement and an Open Playtest that includes greater than 50,000 players to create a state-of-the-art RPG adventure that brings the all time best-selling set of fable ideas right into a new era.

Pathfinder RPG Occult Adventures includes:

• Six new occult base classes—the energy-shaping kineticist, the spirit-calling medium, the misleading mesmerist, the mind-bending psychic, the uncanny occultist, and the phantom-binding spiritualist.
• Archetypes for all the new sessions, in addition to a extensive collection of unusual and mysterious archetypes and sophistication ideas for latest characters.
• New feats to flesh out your occult personality, plus a complete new option to use current talents to turn into a grasp of religion therapeutic, hypnotism, psychometry, and more!
• greater than a hundred spells utilizing the all-new psychic magic approach, plus rituals that supply even non-spellcasting characters occult energy! discover worlds past imagining with dream voyage, or shield your self from psychological threats with tower of iron will!
• principles and recommendation that can assist you steep your online game within the occult, from chakras and lethal mindscapes to ownership, psychic duels, and the Esoteric Planes.
• a wide selection of recent magic goods, corresponding to the eerie spirit replicate and the odd tin cap, plus new cursed goods and strong artifacts.
• and masses, even more!

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The mesmerist monitors for the trick’s triggering condition through a subtle telepathic connection, so he doesn’t need line of sight to trigger it—but anything that blocks telepathic contact prevents him from triggering tricks. An implanted trick lasts until the next time the mesmerist regains his spells. Once triggered, a trick is no longer implanted, and can’t be triggered again until the mesmerist implants the trick again. The duration of the effect caused by triggering a trick is either instantaneous or appears in the trick’s entry.

If the damage from the triggering attack would have reduced the subject to 0 hit points or fewer, this trick grants an additional 1d8 temporary hit points. These temporary hit points last for 1 hour or until discharged. Ref lection of Weakness: Psychic feedback causes an enemy to suffer from the same weakening effect it imposes on the subject. The mesmerist can trigger this trick when an attack or spell used by an enemy causes the subject to take ability damage, ability drain, bleed damage, or a minor or moderate condition listed under the touch treatment class 41 feature.

This is an illusion (glamer) effect. Gift of Will: A small portion of the mesmerist’s vast mental power buttresses his ally’s mind. The mesmerist can trigger this trick when the subject attempts a Will saving throw or a Sense Motive check, or is targeted by an Intimidate check to demoralize her. For a saving throw, the subject uses the mesmerist’s Will saving throw bonus instead of her own. For a Sense Motive check or Intimidate check, she adds the mesmerist’s Charisma bonus as a morale bonus on the check or to the DC.

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