François Mathey, Professor's Phosphorus-carbon heterocyclic chemistry : the rise of a new PDF

By François Mathey, Professor

ISBN-10: 0080439527

ISBN-13: 9780080439525

This quantity comprehensively examines the synthesis, spectroscopic homes, reactivity and catalytic purposes of all phosphorus-carbon heterocycles. the main major phosphorus heterocycles incorporating different heteroatoms, akin to heterophospholes and heterophosphinines, also are coated. The introductory bankruptcy describes the increase of this box that has built, through the years, into the fourth significant department of heterocyclic chemistry. Written by means of a number of founders of the sphere, this booklet should still turn out an invaluable reference paintings in the area for future years and supply the root for classes on heterocyclic chemistry and homogenous catalysis. All these attracted to phosphorus heterocycles for functions in co-ordination chemistry, homogenous catalysis, molecular fabrics and biochemistry, may still locate this quantity necessary

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Niecke and M. , 1992, 33, 2335. 54 92ZOB464 92ZOB1418 93BSF521 93BSF636 93BSF695 93CB649 93CC142 93JCS(D)1811 93JOC1379 93JOC1800 93JOC6786 93MC68 93OM1207 93OM1401 930M4653 93PS(75)225 93TL1331 94AG(E)2330 94AG(E)2427 94CB313 94CC475 94IC1153 94JA7899 94JA9407 94JA10966 94JCS(F)1771 94JPC6481 94Mn95 94MI567 94OM640 94RHA61 94ZN(B)1511 95AG(E)1849 95BSF652 95CC25 95CC2507 95CC257 95H(40)311 95JA10785 95JA11914 95JOC3723 95JOM(489)l 95JST(341)13 95JST(343)49 950M3592 95OM4048 95SL353 95SYN941 95ZOR400 95ZOR404 95ZOR495 96JA1690 96JOC5840 96JOC7702 Three-membered Rings.

25°C p (22a) + RPCI2 1 (100%) R R = Me, Et, ^Pr The polarity is reversed when a substituent bearing a lone pair is located on the carbon of the ring and, upon hydrolysis, the proton is found at phosphorus <840M456, 840M1492> (Equation (23)). H2O Ph—P-C-C—R 25°C (OOsW Z = OR', NR'2 W(C0)5 (23) O The second mechanism has been illustrated by Quast <81LA977> and Marinetti <89T306l> with lithium amides used as bases (Equations (24), (25)). ^Bu Bu Et2NLi (24) O ^Bu THF, 25°C (29) Ph Ph 1) ^Pr2NLi, THF, -70°C (OOsW Ph 2) Mel (0C)5W' P-Me Ph (25) (30) The chemistry depicted in Equation (25) has been transposed to prepare a 1-phospha-pentadienyl complex from a 2-vinylphosphirane via a metallation at C3 <95OM4048>.

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