New PDF release: Polymer Synthesis

By Toshikazu Takata, Nobuhiro Kihara, Yoshio Furusho (auth.)

ISBN-10: 3540217118

ISBN-13: 9783540217114

1. T. Takata, N. Kihara, Y. Furusho: Polyrotaxanes and Polycatenanes: fresh Advances in Syntheses and purposes of Polymers Comprising of Interlocked Structures.- 2. M. Suginome, Y. Ito: Transition Metal-Mediated Polymerization of Isocyanides.- three. okay. Osakada, D. Takeuchi: Coordination Polymerization of Dienes, Allenes and Methylenecycloalkanes.

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Stable bis(1,10-phenanthroline) copper(I) complex has a tetrahedral coordination structure, and two Scheme 29 Polyrotaxanes and Polycatenanes: Recent Advances in Syntheses and Applications 39 phenanthroline ligands are perpendicular to each other. When 2,9-disubstituted 1,10-phenanthroline is used for the preparation of copper(I) complex, the cyclization at the substituents affords interlocked macrocycles. Based on this strategy, it has been proven that 2,9-disubstituted 1,10-phenanthrolinecopper(I) complex is an excellent scaffold for the construction of interlocked compounds.

Group is not bulky enough to prevent deslipping under all circumstances. Anyhow, the polypseudo[3]rotaxane has a more rotaxane-like character than other polypseudorotaxanes reported to date and can be categorized in a new class of polymeric compounds. The synthesis of first poly[3]rotaxane, a real tour de force, was finally accomplished by Takatas group in early 2003 (Scheme 47) [66]. , bis(dibenzo-24-crown-8 ether) and bis(secondary ammonium salt) having a centrally-located disulfide linkage and two di-tert-butylphenyl groups at both termini.

Vögtle et al. prepared oligorotaxanes by the threading-endcapping method, although the yield was very low (2% in the case of [3]rotaxane) (Scheme 34) [193]. When the cyclic component of the [3]rotaxane has low symmetry, planar chirality based on the direction of the rotation occurs (Scheme 35). Vuogtle Scheme 35 et al. reported the isolation of both enantiomers and meso-type [3]rotaxanes by chiral HPLC technique [194, 195]. Since the selective alkylation of the sulfonamide group was achieved in the presence of carboxamide, various rotaxane assemblies were successfully prepared by the alkylation of secondary amide-based [2]rotaxane bearing sulfonamide moiety [196, 197].

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Polymer Synthesis by Toshikazu Takata, Nobuhiro Kihara, Yoshio Furusho (auth.)

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