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By John Hick

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It is also something outside one's power of control. I can only meet my future and submit to it. " That is. "I achieve self-understanding when I grasp what possibilities open to me. " See Vanhoozer, Biblical Narrative, 2 1 -3 . are unless one has an outline of dates, accomplishments, and future situations that one can only anticipate because they are essentially events beyond one's control. "I lodge my proj ects in the interstices of a world which is detennined in its broad outlines b y the course of planets, by the order of the whole" (FN 49) .

70. that even for Saussure, "the spoken word is so 71 Denida, 0f Grammatology, 44. 72 Gayatri C. Spivak, "Translator's Preface," in Derda Of Grammatology, xvii. 73 Derrida, 0f Grammarology, 69, 47. , 35. See also GascM, The Tain of the Mirror, 272. 14 D I ALECTIC OF SED I M E N T ATION AND I N N O VATION i ntimately bound to its written image that the latter manages to usurp the main role. "75 This happens, for instance, when Saussure, who has sided with spoken language, appeals to written language to illustrate his linguistic prin­ ciples.

II RicoeuT, "Intel lectual Autobiography, " 1 3 ; See also Jean Greisch, Le cogito hermeneutique (Paris: Vrin, 2000); and Paul Ricoeur: L'itinerance du sens (Grenoble: M i l lon, 200 1 ). 1 2 Sebastian Luft, " HusseTI's Theory of the Phenomenological Reduction : Between Life World and Cartesianism, " Research in Phenomenology 34 (2004): 1 98 234. , 204. 14 In fact, he says, as soon as the phenomenological tum is made, a second illusion seems to occur where­ by the subject tends to posit itself.

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