Download e-book for iPad: Practical Reverse Engineering: x86, x64, ARM, Windows by Bruce Dang, Alexandre Gazet, Elias Bachaalany

By Bruce Dang, Alexandre Gazet, Elias Bachaalany

ISBN-10: 1118787250

ISBN-13: 9781118787250

Reading how hacks are performed, so that it will cease them within the future

Reverse engineering is the method of reading or software program and figuring out it, with no need entry to the resource code or layout records. Hackers may be able to opposite engineer structures and take advantage of what they locate with frightening effects. Now the great men can use an analogous instruments to thwart those threats. sensible opposite Engineering is going lower than the hood of opposite engineering for protection analysts, safeguard engineers, and method programmers, to allow them to tips on how to use those related strategies to prevent hackers of their tracks.

The e-book covers x86, x64, and ARM (the first e-book to hide all three); home windows kernel-mode code rootkits and drivers; digital computing device security innovations; and masses extra. better of all, it deals a scientific method of the cloth, with lots of hands-on workouts and real-world examples.

Offers a scientific method of knowing opposite engineering, with hands-on workouts and real-world examples
Covers x86, x64, and complex RISC computer (ARM) architectures in addition to deobfuscation and digital computer safety concepts
Provides specific insurance of home windows kernel-mode code (rootkits/drivers), an issue rarely lined in other places, and explains how one can research drivers step-by-step
Demystifies subject matters that experience a steep studying curve
Includes an advantage bankruptcy on opposite engineering tools
Practical opposite Engineering: utilizing x86, x64, ARM, home windows Kernel, and Reversing instruments offers an important, updated tips for a extensive variety of IT professionals.

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They take only one parameter (divisor) and have the following form: DIV/IDIV reg/mem. Depending on the divisor’s size, DIV will use either AX, DX:AX, or EDX:EAX as the dividend, and the resulting quotient/remainder pair are stored in AL/AH, AX/DX, or EAX/EDX. For example: 01: F7 F1 02: F6 F1 03: F7 76 24 div div div ecx ; EDX:EAX / ECX, quotient in EAX, cl ; AX / CL, quotient in AL, remainder in AH dword ptr [esi+24h] ; see line 1 04: B1 02 05: B8 0A 00 00 00 06: F6 F1 mov mov div 07: B1 02 08: B8 09 00 00 00 09: F6 F1 mov mov div cl,2 ; set CL = 2 eax,0Ah ; set EAX = 0xA cl ; AX/CL = A/2 = 5 in AL (quotient), ; AH = 0 (remainder) cl,2 ; set CL = 2 eax,09h ; set EAX = 0x9 cl ; AX/CL = 9/2 = 4 in AL (quotient), ; AH = 1 (remainder) Stack Operations and Function Invocation The stack is a fundamental data structure in programming languages and operating systems.

Line 3 calls lstrlenA with the parameter; hence, you immediately know that ESI is of type char *. Line 5 saves the return value (string length) in EDI. Lines 6–7 clear ECX and EDX. Lines 8–9 check to see if the string length is less than or equal to zero. If it is, control is transferred to line 18, which sets the value at ECX+ESI to 0. If it is not, then execution is continued at line 11, which is the start of a loop. First, it reads the character at ESI+EDX (line 11), and then it stores it at ESI+ECX (line 12).

Note that this pattern is commonly used to determine whether a register is zero. Line 4 jumps to loc_4E31F9 (line 12) if ZF=1. If ZF=0, then it executes line 5 and continues until the function returns. Note that there are two slightly different but logically equivalent C translations for this snippet. Switch-Case A switch-case block is a sequence of if/else statements. For example: Switch-Case switch(ch) { case 'c': handle_C(); break; case 'h': handle_H(); break; default: break; } domore(); ...

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