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Protein phosphorylation is a key mechanism in mobile signaling. This quantity provides a state of the art survey of 1 of the main swiftly constructing fields of biochemical examine. Written by way of major specialists, it provides the newest effects for one of the most very important mobile pathways. colour plates illustrate structural or useful relationships, a number of references offer hyperlinks to the unique literature.

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Are part of an intracellular regulatory network which - at a more primitive stage may resemble the signal-processing network of protein phosphorylation in eukaryotes [391. Among the functions coupled with sugar uptake, control of the intracellular level of cyclic AMP may be mentioned. In bacteria cyclic AMP interacts with gene-regulatory proteins [40], which partly resembles the role that thyroid and steroid hormones play in eukaryotic gene regulation. As long as in E. coli the phosphotransferase system is active, i.

The regulatory subunit of DNA-PK is identical with the so-called Ku protein, which was identified as an autoantigen in human autoimmune dieseases such as, for instance, lupus erythematosus. Ku is a dimer consisting of a 70 kDa and an 80 kDa subunit. It binds to free ends of dsDNA which are generated by double-strand breaks as well as to other disturbancesin the DNA double helix and thus targets DNAPK to such sites where the enzyme becomes specifically activated. Since DNA doublestrand breaks are induced by ionizing radiation, a role of the enzyme in the recognition and repair of radiation-induced DNA damage has been proposed.

However, a sophisticated and complex pattern of protein kinases catalyzing Ser/ThrRecent progress in this field is summarized in [172] (Added in proof). 5 Protein phosphorylation in eukaryotes 13 phosphorylation is found even in rather simple eukaryotes such as yeast [58, 591, Dictyostelium discoideum [60], and Paramecium [61]. Although plant hormones have been known for a long time, relatively little is still known about their mechanisms of action. The evlolutionary history of protein phosphorylation indicates, however, that this signaling reaction dominates signal processing in higher plants as well.

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