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By T. L. V. Ulbricht, Robert Robinson

ISBN-10: 1483166724

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Purines, Pyrimidines and Nucleotides and the Chemistry of Nucleic Acids is a five-chapter textual content that offers an easy advent to the elemental chemistry of purines and pyrimidines and their derivatives. the hole chapters describe the overall houses, reactions, and synthesis of purines and pyrimidines. the following bankruptcy offers with the constitution, synthesis, mechanism, and stereochemistry of nucleosides and their analogues. those issues are through a dialogue at the reactions and biosynthesis of nucleotides. the ultimate bankruptcy makes a speciality of the constitution and biosynthesis of DNA, RNA, and different nucleic acids. This booklet is of price to natural chemists and biochemists, in addition to researchers within the allied fields.

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205), is unlikely, since divalent mercury has its bonds at 49 NUGLEOSIDES 180°, but dimeric and polymeric structures containing —O—Hg—N— bonds are possible. These react with direct formation of JV-glycosides. Silver and mercury derivatives of purines which do not contain the tautomeric group —NH—GO— also yield JV-glycosides directly. -nucleoside was always obtained as product. In the case of a-glycosyl halides, this would be by a simple inversion. To explain the formation of j8-nucleosides even from j8-glycosyl halides, Baker formulated the G(D/C( 2 ) trans rule, according to which the base in the nucleoside is always trans to the group at C(2), if this is an acyloxy group.

It is necessary to use a monoalkyl phosphate (225) in this synthesis, since phosphorylation with DCG proceeds readily to the diester stage. In addition, orthophosphate is polymerized by DCG to polyphosphates, which are difficult to separate from nucleotides. , 228). A mixture of mononucleotides is produced by the alkaline hydrolysis of ribonucleic acids. Originally it appeared that four compounds were formed, derived from adenosine, guanosine, uridine and cytidine. The ribose phosphate obtained from the hydrolysis of the purine nucleotides was not the 5'-phosphate, the nucleotides were stable to periodate, and it was suggested that they were 3'-phosphates.

GOMPPER, H . G. V. SCHUH and G. THEILIG, Angew. Chem. 71, 753 (1959). A review of the use of acid amides, especially formamide, recently applied to the synthesis of purines, pyrimidines and other derivatives. C H A P T E R III Nucleosides 1. S t r u c t u r e T h e term nucleoside was originally restricted to the purine a n d pyrimidine N-glycosides of ribose and 2-deoxyribose derived from nucleic acids, but now is applied to m a n y other heterocyclic glycosides, including the 5,6-dimethylbenzimidazole riboside from vitamin B 1 2 ; p s e u d o u r i d i n e , a C-glycoside; the antibiotic puromycin, in which an amino-sugar is attached to a purine ; and the arabinosides found in certain sponges.

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