New PDF release: Reproduction in Domestic Animals

By H. H. Cole and P. T. Cupps (Eds.)

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ASSAY O F PMSG Cole and Erway ( 3 3 ) proposed a 48-hour method of assay based upon the ovarian weight response of 25-day-old immature female rats. A slight modification involves a two-point assay using younger (22-day-old) rats ( 3 1 ) . This procedure is more rapid and simpler than the older 96-hour minimal response assays. It is more specific and probably more accurate than assays based on uterine weight. VII. Effect of Gonoadotropins upon Metabolic Activity of Gonads It is well known that gonadotropins influence directly or indirectly the synthesis of steroid hormones by the gonads and are also responsible for the growth of gonadal tissues.

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