Retro Gamer [UK], Issue 150 (January 2016) - download pdf or read online

Discover the best video games of all time. Did your favourites appear?

Your maximum video games Of All Time
Our largest ever record gains 50 interviewees and a bumper quantity of vintage video games, from area Invader to Elite

Inside The Commodore 64
Discover how the world's top promoting domestic computing device was once created through the folks that placed it together

The Making Of Jet Set Willy
Matthew Smith finds how he created his award-winning follow-up to his vintage Spectrum hit Manic Miner

The historical past Of Nintendo
20 Nintendo video games made your best a hundred and fifty. the following we glance on the company's awesome heritage and the way it's faring today

Also inside...
- Your one hundred fifty maximum video games Of All Time
- again To The 90s
- The Making Of Jet Set Willy
- Yu Suzuki: Arcade Pioneer
- The Making Of Sid Meier's CiviliZation
- Alexey Pajitnov On Tetris
- final advisor on your #1 Game
- contained in the Commodore 64

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Use the power of the force? Sure, you got it. Blow up the Death Star? But of course! Atari’s classic vector coin-op perfectly captured the X-wing fantasies of just about every human being on the planet in 1983, and it still does. Turn to page 92 for the full Making Of Are you up to the challenge of building an empire upon which the sun never sets? Sid Meier’s turn-based strategy game was as influential as it was enjoyable, thanks to the challenge of taking your empire from 4000 BC to the near future.

30 | RETRO GAMER ■ SEGA’S MASCOT SEES RED 75 Sonic 3 & Knuckles Year: 1994 Platform: Mega Drive Previous position: N/E ■ ■ ■ ✰ It’s no surprise to see make Sonic & Knuckles make the list here in some form – with its plug-through cartridge allowing for previous games to be modified as well as the main adventure as well, it’s effectively four games in one. Well, assuming you count the ability to play the bonus stage by using a cart other than Sonic 2 or Sonic 3 as a separate game, anyway. With the main Sonic & Knuckles game showing a shift towards the slower pace and exploration focus that later games like Sonic CD would take further still, it’s also no surprise that most votes for this came for Sonic 3 & Knuckles – both Sonic 2 and Sonic 3 had a noticeably faster pace and better flow to stages, plus the ability to glide and climb as Knuckles gives players the option for additional freedom and exploration as well.

The myth of the split-screen and unlike more commonly known ‘kill screens’, Pac-Man allows you to play your lives out. Perfect Pac-Man sometimes takes in excess of six hours. Never losing a life, never missing a blue ghost or bonus and never making a mistake makes the achievement of ‘perfect Pac-Man’ unique in classic gaming. It’s a fantastically simple game on the surface, but underneath that surface it’s incredibly tough with many layers of gameplay. What is it about Pac-Man that makes it such a great game?

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Retro Gamer [UK], Issue 150 (January 2016)

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