New PDF release: Revival and Religion Since 1700: Essays for John Walsh

By Emmeline Garnett, Colin Matthew

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All actually spiritual activities are proficient by means of a look for religious renewal, frequently signalled by means of an try and go back to what are visible because the unique, undiluted values of prior instances. components of this strategy are to be visible within the heritage of virtually all glossy spiritual revivals, either inside and out the mainstream denominations.

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53 He goes on to the inevitable reference to Lopez, in this case a particularly apt one. Losa had told how he had himself gone to Lopez and told him of his intention to abandon his post as parish priest of Mexico City, to join him in eremetical seclusion. Lopez forbade him, with the injunction that he 'Remain this year a hermit at Mexico'. In attempting to live out this injunction, Losa experienced a profound and transforming conversion, and the story remained with Wesley as a perfect illustration of the spiritual peace in the midst of business which he himself aspired to.

N. Curnock (London, 1909-16), v, pp. 60-62. 32 Revival and Religion since 1700 Fordyce's Dialogues concerning Education are narrated by Simplicius, a newcomer to Euphranor's academy. The other principal characters are Euphranor's assistant Philander, and the members of a student philosophical club, Sophron, Eugenio, Constant and Hiero. 53 Sophron is 'a perfect Enthusiast1 on the subject of the ancients, and speaks with raptures of Greece and Rome, but Constant, sounding like Shaftesbury's Philocles, is more cautious: 'are not all your Enthusiasts in Religion, Government, and Philosophy, held captive with an excessive Admiration of some peculiar Venus or other .

54 and the large index entry in vol. iii. For the signatures to Somers see Life, Letters, ed. Rand, pp. 387, 394, 421, 430. 36. Shaftesbury, The Moralists, Characteristicks, ii, pp. 218-19. 37. For an account see Voitle, Shaftesbury, pp. 313-23. 38. Shaftesbury, The Moralists, Characteristicks, ii, p. 400. 39. , ii, p. 401. *Q Here his recurrent analogy between ethics and aesthetics (which is central to his persuasive method, but which I can only touch on) is very helpful. 42 As an enthusiastic writer Shaftesbury is engaged in an artificial, rhetorical process in order to achieve a philosophical, moral end.

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