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By H. Malik

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It is a collective endeavour to focus on the function of Islam within the rising trend of kin among Russia and the us. It highlights relatively the position that the 2 self reliant republics in the Russian Federation - Tatarstan and Bashkortostan - play in Eurasia. a few analysts have defined them because the delicate underbelly of the Russian Federation. destiny traits also are indicated, which delineate the dilemmas of the Russian country for its territorial integrity and nationwide self-determination of Tatarstan and Bashkortostan in the Russian Federation. This ebook additionally analyses Russian-US family members with Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan. those states certainly play, in accordance with those analyses, a very important function in Eurasia, and in addition compete opposed to one another.

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In Chapters 9–12 four specialists – Hafeez Malik, M. G. Galeyev, M. H. Khasanov and Engel Tagirov – explore the dynamics of Tatarstan’s politics since December 1991. Malik (Chapter 9) analyses the Russia–Tatarstan treaty of February 1994. Tatarstan was seeking independence, but compromised with 18 Introduction Russia and accepted autonomy as a first step towards its goal. This treaty became a model for Russia’s negotiations with the twenty other autonomous republics that were clamouring for autonomy or independence, including Chechnya.

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The language problem, according to him, can be resolved by giving Bashkort the status of state language, the idea of which is resisted by Russians and Tatars. With regard to the question of whether Bashkort and Tatar are different languages, he argues that all Kypchaq languages, including Bashkort, Tatar, Kazakh, Kara Kalpak, Balkar, Nagoi, Kumyk, Karachai and to a certain extent Uzbek and Kirgiz, are so close to each other that their speakers have no major difficulty conversing. While Bashkort and Tatar have their own dialects and differ phonetically, they share a common grammatical structure and are lexically very similar.

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