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Accursed is a dismal myth atmosphere that calls for the Savage Worlds middle principles and Savage Worlds Horror better half to be used. It comprises heritage details at the international locations of Morden. video game mechanics contain terrible new Witchbreeds to be used as playable characters, besides environment ideas, obstacles, Edges, and Powers fitted to telling tales set in Morden. the total surroundings consultant additionally contains distinctive details on 8 of the Witches and their banes, in addition to various experience hooks and a plot element crusade.

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As much as the river has formed the face of Steppengrad, so has it formed the people who dwell there. Many of the most important Gradniki folk songs revolve around the Khazaar and the hardy men and women who make their living upon her churning waters. Important Citizens Stone’s End Lidiah Yefremova Known as Tyenichka, or little midnight, Lidiah Yefremova is one of the most active resistance leaders in Steppengrad. Once a high-ranking member in Baba Yaga’s army, Lidiah is a Vargr whose small, lithe stature is made up for by her iron will and naked savagery in battle.

Sadly, Lord Warlock Hesterly seems determined to halt her every advance. Any idea that she champions he consistently turns down. Initially Salamanca believed this was simply his opposition to her beliefs and goals for Manreia. However, it has become apparent that this is actually a personal vendetta that targets her plans specifically. Even when the Lady proposes ideas that would directly benefit the Witches, the Lord Warlock still finds ways to prevent them from completion. In an effort to help solve this crisis, Lady Salamanca has begun to investigate the Lord Warlock’s history, hoping to find out why he is so opposed to her.

Valkenholm sits astride the mighty Scythe River, itself a prime source of fish and minerals. To the southeast, the realm’s forests give way to a deep and largely unexplored series of bogs and swamps known as the Sunken Lands. Valkenholm was originally settled as part of Steppengrad over seven centuries ago. For many years, the first inhabitants of Valkenholm built villages and farmholds, peaceably working the land, exploring deeper into the forests, and establishing the first roads and trails. The people of Valkenholm were industrious, independent, and honorable, establishing several traditions of hospitality and fairness.

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