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By Sneak Attack Press

Bombs fell. Billions died. Now you need to decide up the items and rebuild this damaged Earth.

Broken Earth is an experience atmosphere that occurs in a post-apocalyptic model of Earth. It bargains with a small fraction of the realm, what used to be the northern Midwest of the U.S., and a tiny little bit of southern important Canada. As an event surroundings, damaged Earth comprises many compelling destinations and adventures, but additionally offers the heroes freedom to discover the world.

The publication provides the GM every thing you want to run a protracted crusade within the damaged Earth surroundings, together with destinations, NPCs, plot issues, mutant monsters, and a close first experience that brings the occasion together.

This publication additionally comprises every little thing within the damaged Earth Player's consultant. while you're a participant in a damaged Earth crusade you have to try out the Player's advisor in its place. while you're a GM you want to simply get this e-book. you don't need both.

This is the Savage Worlds suitable model of the publication. The is additionally a Pathfinder RPG appropriate model.

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This is an abstract value for the times, and in general people are likely to exchange two items with the same Trade value. These values are just averages and any item could be worth more or less depending on who the PCs sell it to. The equipment lists in the Savage Worlds core rules give gear prices on the assumption that PCs will only take gear from a specific time period. This is not the core assumption of Broken Earth, however. Because most manufacturing technology was lost after the Great War, few “modern” items are being created, but some still survive and can be bought or scavenged.

Global climate change caused droughts and famines; a devastating flu virus swept across the world. Fossil fuel supplies declined and renewable fuels weren’t enough to keep up with demand, leading to rolling blackouts in even the industrial world. Old tensions strained almost to the breaking point in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and the Korean peninsula. The United States declined as a world power, and nobody else stepped up to lead. Faced with food and power shortages the larger nations of the world launched “peacekeeping missions” to secure resources from less powerful countries.

If they want, they can light the world on fire, or they can help rebuild this Broken Earth. The Phoenix Initiative Times were tense leading up to the Great War. Many governments, including that of the United Sates, foresaw the potential disaster and made plans. While publicly the government looked for ways to avert a global thermonuclear war, a small group within the defense department looked for ways to survive it. Thus began the Phoenix Initiative: the project through which the United States would rise from the ashes.

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