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Presents solutions to such questions about a variety of species of whales and dolphins as "Do all whales have teeth?", "How lengthy do such a lot whales live?", "Why do dolphins whistle?", and "Can dolphins retailer humans?"

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They migrate about 12,500 miles (20,000 km) a year. Each fall they leave the Arctic region and swim south along the Pacific shoreline to California and Mexico. They spend the winter there in shallow lagoons and give birth to their calves. Then, in the spring, they head back to the colder waters to eat and build up their blubber. Do migrating grays follow a leader? No. The first whales to head south are females about to give birth. The first group to head north are the newly pregnant females. The rest of the whales follow, swimming steadily at about 5 miles (8 km) an hour, day and night.

The cows take very good care of their young. A cow will attack any boat that threatens her calf. Sometimes an angry mother would overturn a small whaling boat with her powerful flukes. Do right whales “sing” like humpbacks? No. They make low moans and high bursts of sound. But they do not sing songs like humpbacks do. Nor can right whales take in huge mouthfuls of food like the humpbacks. Right whales do not have folds on their throats. Instead, they open and close their mouths frequently while they swim.

Old-time whalers. They found these 50- to 60-foot (15 to 18 m) whales to be the “right” ones to hunt for oil and baleen. Right whales are slow-moving, are easy to approach, and live close to shore. And since almost half of the right whale’s weight is blubber, which is lighter than water, the whales float when dead. Easy to catch and land, right whales were hunted until they became few in number. Now there are fewer than 4,000 right whales left in the world’s seas. How did whalers catch right whales?

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