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By Sandy Petersen

ISBN-10: 1568821743

ISBN-13: 9781568821740

The Silver Twilight is a secretive, foreign order devoted to the destruction of the human race. As courageous investigators, you want to piece jointly passages from esoteric books, shards of wierd artifacts, and confusing letters to find the Silver Twilight s loathsome targets. Shadows of Yog-Sothoth is a modestly-sized crusade of 7 situations. through the process play the investigators penetrate the outer layers of a mystery sinister occult association led through the lords of the Silver Twilight. starting in Boston they examine a firm in ny, run afoul of a coven in Scotland, roam the wilderness of the yank southwest, holiday off the coast of Maine, and discover the mysteries of the South Pacific. as well as the crusade, this publication comprises bonus eventualities. the folks of the Monolith introduces the mysteries of the Cthulhu Mythos, and no damage can come to the investigators other than via madness. As such, is ideal for introducing new gamers to the wonders of name of Cthulhu. the opposite bonus state of affairs, The Warren, offers an unsettling problem for even skilled gamers.

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Use the same rules as for catching a target blinded for darkness above. Major Effect: The light power itself is easily adjustable. Reduce it to a Medium Burst Template and extend the duration to 1 hour (1/hour) or give it a range of Smarts x 2 affecting animate targets as well (an unwilling target gets an opposed Agility roll to avoid). Reduce light to a Small Burst Template and give it both abilities. Light-based damaging attacks could be similar to a focused laser, providing armor piercing capability.

More than two may be carried at once, but causes instant Incapacitation. One Fatigue can be regained for each full hour of rest. Wall Walker • Rank: Novice • Power Points: 2 • Range: Touch • Duration: 3 (1/round) • Trappings: A crushed spider, bit of web, piece of tentacle. Spellcasters are frequently targeted in combat because of their arcane prowess and high-utility spells such as this are great for getting the caster safely out of harm’s way. Of course, it has countless other uses too. Wall walker allows the recipient to function much like a human spider.

The specific tasks that may be attempted are listed below. Air: The caster can create lesser air currents to blow out a candle, fan a flame, lift a skirt, Fantasy Companion or cool his body in oppressive heat (+1 to a single Fatigue roll caused by heat). Earth: A wave of the hand can open a onefoot square hole in soft earth (or half that in stone), or cause a spray of sand that might blind an opponent (+1 to a Trick roll). Fire: The caster can snap his fingers to create a small flame (about the size of a hot match).

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