Download e-book for iPad: Solar electricity basics : a green energy guide by Daniel D Chiras; Robert Aram; Kurt Nelsoon

By Daniel D Chiras; Robert Aram; Kurt Nelsoon

ISBN-10: 0865716188

ISBN-13: 9780865716186

C каждым днем ископаемого топлива становится все меньше, и сейчас очень актуальным становится вопрос об использовании альтернативных источников энергии.
Книга Основы Солнечного Электричества обеспечивает четкое понимание электрических процессов. В нем рассматриваются все виды солнечных систем, вы можете выбрать нужные компоненты, произвести расчет, установить фотоэлектрические системы, и многое другое.
Если ваша цель снизить энергозатраты и достичь полной энергетической независимости, эта книга то что вам нужно.

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Ribbon Polycrystalline PV While most polycrystalline cells are sliced from ingots, wafers can also be made in long continuous ribbons. 4b, a seed crystal is attached to two heat-resistant wires called filaments. The filaments are immersed in a molten mass of silicon and then slowly drawn from the melted silicon. The ribbon grows linearly as the molten silicon that spans the wires solidifies. Once the ribbon is completely formed, it is sliced into rectangular wafers. 42 SOLAR ELECTRICITY BASICS Although the efficiency of ribbon silicon wafers is slightly lower than other PV cells - it falls in the 11 to 13% range - the technology offers several advantages.

Phosphorous gas is introduced into the furnace. In this high-temperature environment, phosphorus atoms penetrate the exposed top surface and sides of the wafer. (This results in the formation of a very thin, bur complete n-type layer. Metal contacts are then screen-printed onto the face of the wafer using a silver paste. 5). This grid collects the electrons released from atoms inside the solar cell. As noted earlier, another conducting layer, usually made from aluminum, is applied to the back of each cell.

The more filtering, the less sunlight makes it to Earth, and the lower the irradiance. Irradiation Irradiance is an important m easurement, but what most solar installers need to know is irradiance over time - the amount of energy they can expect to strike a PV array. Irradiance over a period of time is referred to as solar irradiation. It's expressed as watts per UNDERSTANDING THE SUN AND SOLAR ENERGY 2S square meter striking the Earth's surface (or a PV module) for some specified period of time - usually an hour or a day.

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Solar electricity basics : a green energy guide by Daniel D Chiras; Robert Aram; Kurt Nelsoon

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