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By Erdogan Kiran and Joan F. Brennecke (Eds.)

ISBN-10: 0841213704

ISBN-13: 9780841213708

ISBN-10: 0841225133

ISBN-13: 9780841225138

content material: present country of supercritical fluid technology and expertise / Erdogan Kiran and Joan F. Brennecke --
High-pressure vapor-liquid equilibria in carbon dioxide and 1-alkanol combinations / David W. Jennings, Michael T. Gude, and Amyn S. Teja --
part habit of supercritical fluid-entrainer platforms / Gurdev S. Gurdial, Neil R. Foster, S.L. Jimmy Yun, and Kevin D. Tilly --
Three-phase habit in binary combos of near-critical propane and triglycerides / E.J.M. Straver, J.L. de Roo, C.J. Peters, and J. de Swaan Arons --
Multiphase equilibrium habit of a mix of carbon dioxide, 1-decanol, and n-tetradecane / C.L. Patton, S.H. Kisler, and K.D. Luks --
workforce contribution strategy for estimating the solubility of chosen hydrocarbon solutes in supercritical carbon dioxide / Thomas E. Carleson, Sirish Chandra, Chien Wai, Larry Wai, and Shawn S. Huang --
Equation-of-state research of part habit for water-surfactant-supercritical fluid combos / C.-P. Chai Kao, M.E. Pozo de Fernandez, and M.E. Paulaitis --
Diffusion in liquid and supercritical fluid combinations / V.M. Shenai, B.L. Hamilton, and M.A. Matthews --
Viscosity of polymer options in near-critical and supercritical fluids : polystyrene and n-butane / Erdogan Kiran and Yasar L. Sen --
Thermophysical houses of average fuel combinations derived from acoustic hollow space measurements / S.O. Colgate and A. Sivaraman --
aggressive lively and entropic results describing solvation in near-critical options / F. Munoz and E.H. Chimowitz --
Chemical potentials in ternary supercritical fluid combos / David M. Pfund and Henry D. Cochran --
Aggregation of methanol in supercritical fluids : a molecular dynamics research / David M. Pfund, John L. Fulton, and Richard D. Smith --
Hydrogen bonding of straightforward alcohols in supercritical fluids : an FTIR examine / John L. Fulton, Geary G. Yee, and Richard D. Smith --
Adsorption from supercritical fluids / L.L. Lee and Henry D. Cochran --
Spectroscopic investigations of reactions in supercritical fluids : a overview / Joan F. Brennecke --
Fluorescence spectroscopy examine of alcohol-solute interactions in supercritical carbon dioxide / David L. Tomasko, Barbara L. Knutson, Joseph M. Coppom, Wendy Windsor, Barry West, and Charles A. Eckert --
results of particular interactions in supercritical fluid suggestions : a chromatographic learn / Michael P. Ekart, Karen L. Bennett, and Charles A. Eckert --
functions of supercritical fluids within the managed unencumber of substances / Jean W. Tom, Gio-Bin Lim, Pablo G. Debenedetti, and Robert okay. Prud'homme --
Dynamic fluorescence quenching in opposite microemulsions in propane / Thomas S. Zemanian, John L. Fulton, and Richard D. Smith --
mild scattering research of polymer community formation in a supercritical diluent / J. Richard Elliott, Jr. and H. Michael Cheung --
Simulation and optimization in supercritical fluid chromatography / F. Van Puyvelde, E.H. Chimowitz, and P. Van Rompay --
Supercritical extraction of natural parts from aqueous slurries / Aydin Akgerman and Sang-Do Yeo --
Kinetic version for rainy oxidation of natural compounds in subcritical and supercritical water / Lixiong Li, Peishi Chen, and Earnest F. Gloyna --
Oxidation tactics within the separation of solids from supercritical water / percent. Dell'Orco, Earnest F. Gloyna, and S. Buelow --
elimination of heteroatoms from natural compounds through supercritical water / Thomas J. Houser, Ying Zhou, Chun-Cheng Tsao, and Xu Liu --
impression of fuel density on holdup in a supercritical fluid bubble column / Brenda J. Rush, Y.T. Shah, and Martin A. Abraham --
creation of mesophase pitch through supercritical fluid extraction / T. Hochgeschurtz, K.W. Hutchenson, J.R. Roebers, G.-Z. Liu, J.C. Mullins, and M.C. Thies --
Kinetics of supercritical fluid extraction of coal : actual and chemical methods / Chunjie Zhang, J.M. Smith, and B.J. McCoy --
Depolymerization reactions of cis-polyisoprene and scrap rubber in supercritical toluene / Jagdish C. Dhawan, Aladar F. Bencsath, and Richard C. Legendre.

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OX. 20036 48 SUPERCRITICAL FLUID ENGINEERING SCIENCE terminates in the upper critical endpoint (UCEP). Figure 1 also shows that the critical locus is separated into two branches. One branch originates in the LCEP of the ^^-equilibrium and, via a maximum in pressure, terminates in the critical point of the pure triglyceride. The other branch originates in the critical point of propane and ends in the UCEP of the ^^-equilibrium. For a detailed discussion on this type of phase behavior one is also referred to Peters et al.

2 Κ A CRITICAL CRITICAL LINE, GURDIAL ET AL. 8 , . 9 1 M O L E FRACTION C O Figure 14. Critical locus/phase envelope for C0 + ethanol. 2 Κ CRITICAL LINE, GURDIAL ET AL. 9 M O L E FRACTION C O Figure 15. Critical locus/phase envelope for C0 + 1-butanol. ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1992. 2. JENNINGS ET AL. 4 7 . for associating systems and was considered promising for the systems of interest in this work. The results of the calculations using the S A F T EOS and the P T EOS are discussed below.

28. ; AIChE J. 1976, 22, 199. 29. ; J. Chem. Phys. 1974, 60, 195. 30. Chem. Phys. 1987, 86, 4106. 31. ; Trans. Am. Chem. Eng. 1942, 38, 891. ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1992. Chapter 5 Multiphase Equilibrium Behavior of a Mixture of Carbon Dioxide, 1-Decanol, and n-Tetradecane C. L. Patton, S. H. Kisler, and Κ. D. 01 bar, achieved by coupling a dead weight gauge to the cell pressure transducer. The portion of the three-phase surface of the ternary system examined is bounded by the llg loci of the binary mixtures CO + 1-decanol and CO + n­ -tetradecane and from above by an upper critical end point (l-l=g) locus.

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