Tempest Feud: An Adventure for 9th-Level Heroes (Star Wars by Jeff Grubb, Owen K. C. Stephens PDF

By Jeff Grubb, Owen K. C. Stephens

A danger of Epidemic ProportionsA virulent plague sweeps over the planet Endregaad, forcing the company zone Authority to quarantine the bothered global with a planetwide blockade. A venture of mercy and a determined seek lead heroes to the Hutt homeworld, the place they observe an excellent larger scourge spreading in the course of the galaxy.This stand-alone event is for 9th-level heroes.• Embroils the heroes in numerous dealings with the Hutts.• Explores numerous destinations throughout Hutt area, together with Nar Shaddaa, the Smuggler's Moon.• Introduces new Hutt droids and Hutt conflict armor.• good points new starships, together with one for the heroes--complete with a deckplan.To use this experience, a Gamemaster additionally wishes the big name Wars Roleplaying video game.

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Tempest Feud: An Adventure for 9th-Level Heroes (Star Wars Roleplaying Game) by Jeff Grubb, Owen K. C. Stephens

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