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By George Forty

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See how Patton created and manipulated his armies for the tough projects handy, how he established his forces and stored them provided with hands and meals, and secured the lads he wanted from his superiors. ." . . this magnificent ebook tells extra of Patton than any of his biographies ever written and should supply the reader a greater appreciation of this man's genius even 50 years after his premature death."-- "Military. ." integral reference..."-- "Modelers' magazine. 272 pages, a hundred and forty b/w illus., 6 x nine.

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In fact, GSP did not spend the entire time on political junketing. He and his staff had transformed all aspects of the administrative 'tail' that was required in order properly to support the American forces that were now operational. The ports were cleared and put back into full working order; airfields were modernised, road and rail communications developed and the fighting troops not at the front smartened up and put under rigorous training. Patton's usual edicts on dress and turnout were rigorously enforced, as was proper saluting.

1 But Ike was not prepared to go the whole hog and put GSP in total command, perhaps because he considered, with some justification, that Army command level was GSP's ceiling. In any event, an active service 'hands on' command suited Patton's temperament far better than the more senior appointment in which tact and co-operation with the British was so important. Bradley would also get an Army command and, eventually, overtake his erstwhile 'boss', to finish up above him as his Army Group commander.

A pint of sweat will save a gallon of blood' was one of Patton's favourite maxims, which he had 41 THE MAKING OF AN ARMOUR COMMANDER incorporated into his message to all his troops before embarking on 'Torch', and now they would begin to understand what he meant! Patton personally was 'saved by the bell' through two related happenings. The first was the arrival on the scene of the 'Desert Fox', the redoubtable Field-Marshal Erwin Rommel, whose troops staged a come-back in the north, in particular around the vital Kasserine Pass area; the second was the continued poor performance of the then commander of II Corps, Major General Lloyd R.

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