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A suite of sought after atheists supply their funny and critical guidance for surviving the Christmas season In June 2008, Ariane Sherine observed a bus commercial for a Christian association informing her in no doubtful phrases that non-Christians could 'spend all eternity in torment in hell'. Ariane instructed a modest idea: if sufficient atheists stumped up a fiver, then atheism may well get a toe-hold into the realm of ads. Atheism's one advert on one bus could learn: 'There's most likely no God. Now cease caring and revel in your life'. inside 4 days the fundraising crusade had astonishingly raised over GBP100,000 and changed into 800 bus advertisements operating around the united kingdom for a month. The Atheists' advisor to Christmas gathers a number of the world's so much favorite atheists and their funny and severe advice for surviving the Christmas season. items contain Richard Dawkins on Isaac Newton (he used to be born on Christmas day) to the impossibility of the stainless perception. members contain Richard Dawkins, Charlie Brooker, Ben Goldacre and Richard Herring.

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