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By Ronald ed. Strahan

The publication surveys the wealthy and sundry international of Australian mammals from the well known Platypus, Koala and kangaroo species to the little identified pygmy-possums, bats and carnivorous marsupials, the seals and sea-lions, or even the brought mammals similar to rabbits, camels and deer. The textual content is written by means of greater than a hundred said specialists who've labored within the box with the species they describe.

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ORDER POL YPROTODONTA, Suborder Dasyuromorphia, 23 SUPERFAMILY DASYUROIDEA, Family Dasyuridae CARNIVOROUS MARSUPIALS Kowari Dasyuroides byrnei SIZE HEAD AND BODY LENGTH 1 40- 1 80 (1 65) mm (males) 135- 160 (1 50) mm (females) TAIL LENGTH 1 1 0- 1 40 (120) mm (males) 1 1 0- 130 (1 15) mm (females) WEIGHT 85- 1 40 (120) Ji (males) 70- 105 (1 00) Ji (females) IDENTIFICATION Distittguished from Dasyccrcus hy ha11it1g lmlSh of black hairs cotnplerely ettcirclitJg tennit�al half of rail (crest itt Dasycercus).

Females) WEIGHT 12-44 g (males) 12-34 g (females) IDENTIFICATION Grizzled brown above, cim1amon patches behind the large ears (as in Pseudantechinus macdonnellensis), pale grey below. Distinguished from P. macdonnellensis by longer tail, which is never fat. Foot pads striated. The Sandstone Antechinus has been known only since 1948 when it was collected on the American-Australian expedition to Arnhem Land. Its specific name was derived from the local Aboriginal pronunciation of the name of an Australian naturalist and author of books on folklore, Bill Harney, who accompanied the expedition.

Reproduction in two marsupial­ mice Antechinus bellus and Antechinus bilarni (Dasyun'dae), of tropical Australia. ]. Mammal. 62, 329- 41. ORDER POLYPROTODONTA, Suborder Dasyuromorphia, SUPERFAMILY DASYUROIDEA, Family Dasyuridae 30 CARNIVOROUS MARSUPIALS weight, and the scrotum decreases in size until shortly before the next breeding season . Unlike the Brown Antechinus, male Sandstone Antechinuses do not die synchronously soon after mating, and about a quarter of the individuals of each sex survive to breed in a second season·.

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