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By Chad Kultgen

ISBN-10: 0062119559

ISBN-13: 9780062119551

The regular American Marriage, the long-awaited sequel to Chad Kultgen’s a lot debated, continually debatable The ordinary American Male, is a matter-of-fact foray into the male brain and sexual fantasy.

Now married with kids, Kultgen's lewd and sex-obsessed narrator once more bargains up his deep (and now not so deep) strategies on love, marriage, teenagers, and (naturally) intercourse: from birthday intercourse to interns to parenting, The ordinary American Male seems to be upon the establishment of marriage with an identical deadpan smirk he has delivered to the remainder of his sex-addled, perennially disaffected life.

Forthright and unashamed, Chad Kultgen isn't afraid to "go there" with blunt language and imagery, delivering up a spot-on portrait of ways a few males view their marriages. The commonplace American Marriage is the publication each person could be speaking approximately round the water cooler, in line on the grocery store...and within the bedroom.

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