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By Gerald Durrell

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If the breeding continued to be so successful, the next stage would be to plan a reserve for yniphora somewhere in its natural habitat. This would mean another tortoise project – more fund-raising, more complications as we argued with all and sundry over where the best place would be to have the reserve and worked out the many ways to protect it from pigs, dogs, cattle and humans. But this lay in the future. For the time being, we were content with our early progress. Naturally, since we were in Madagascar pursuing the Ayeaye, Lee was anxious to see for herself how her tortoise project was progressing.

Gentle lemurs are very social creatures and, as their name implies, are not given to rowdy bickering among their own kind. We had an elderly female (who I suspected was past child-bearing) so why not make her a surrogate mother for the baby? The more I thought about it the more the scheme seemed to have merit. I did not know if the ancient female would share my views, but she was comparatively tame and this made matters easier. I lifted the door of her cage and inserted the baby, readying myself for an immediate rescue operation should she show signs of displeasure.

Indd 45 04/06/2007 16:54:51 THE AYE-AYE AND I made out of a form of wood that in weight and consistency resembles granite, so it was impossible for me to do a James Bond and break the door down by charging it – I would only have dislocated my shoulder. It was useless shouting since the decibel levels of the diners below and the noisy sexual activities in the soap opera would have drowned my cries for succour. I gazed round the room for some weapon with which I could assault I the door and found nothing.

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