Download e-book for kindle: The Bottlenose Dolphin by Stephen Leatherwood and Randall R. Reeves (Eds.)

By Stephen Leatherwood and Randall R. Reeves (Eds.)

ISBN-10: 0124402801

ISBN-13: 9780124402805

Due to their publicity in marine parks, videos, and tv in addition to their presence in tropical and warm-temperature waters all over the world, bottlenose dolphins are one of the so much accepted of marine mammals. considering they're rather effortless to acquire they usually thrive in captivity, those dolphins were utilized in a good number of reviews. paintings with the bottlenose has supplied perception into the sensory mechanisms, verbal exchange structures, energetics, copy, anatomy, and different facets of cetacean biology. This quantity offers the newest organic and behavioral discoveries of bottlenose dolphins from various areas and compares bottlenose dolphins as a gaggle with different species of animals

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Oelschlager (1986b, p. 78). I have been unable to verify this unequivocally with either immature or adult specimens of T. truncatus in the collection of the USNM. I have difficulty with some of the sutures described by Oelsch­ lager; they could be partially enclosed grooves for the sinuses or vessels of the adjacent tissues. ) contact of the posterior process of the periotic with the squamosal. The sigmoid process of the tympanic is aligned with the deep, ventrolateral groove (tympanosquamosal recess) between the squamosal and exoccipital.

Vertebral positions are indicated at the bottom with the postcranial vertebra number in parentheses. Vertebrae are positioned with the bottoms of the neural canals in line and/or the center line of the anterior view aligned with the surface of the anterior epiphysis. More caudally in the spine, the roots emerge on the centra (eliminating the pedicles), some of the processes have a negative dihedral, and some of the tips are actually in front of the vertebral centra. The transverse processes also vary in length; the shortest are in the neck and anterior thorax (line 31, Table 1), and the longest are under the dorsal fin (line 30, Table 1).

Schulte and Smith (1917, p. 382) pointed out that in Kogia simus the m a x i l l a e and the right p r e m a x i l l a form a large part of the anterior wall of the braincase; this is also the arrangement in K. breviceps. The v o m e r , m a x i l l a e , and p r e m a x i l l a e are normally not found in the walls of braincases of other mammals, and these exceptions may be unique to some of the odonto­ cetes. Orbit, Tympanic Bulla, and Periotic Region The orbit is bounded dorsally by the f r o n t a l and l a c r i m a l , caudally by the postorbital process of the s q u a m o s a l , medially by the m a x i l l a , p a l a t i n e , p t e r y g o i d , a l i s p h e n o i d , and o r b i t o s p h e n o i d , and ventrolaterally by the j u g a l .

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