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The first step towards a solution was afforded by the observation that on treating formaldehyde with lime water a sweet syrup was obtained, having the properties of a sugar due to the aldol condensation, whereby the carbon atoms of separate molecules of the aldehyde link together in a chain. In a similar manner glyceraldehyde and dioxyacetone gave a syrup containing a-acrose, which was shown to be inactive fructose. This was converted into the corresponding racemic mannonic acid, and the dextro and laevo forms separated by fractional crystallization of the alkaloid salts.

DEXTRIN COMMERCIAL dextrin, or British gum, is usually met with as a yellow or brownish powder which has a mealy odour slightly reminiscent of newly baked bread but at the same time somewhat repulsive. It is also produced in the granulated form as brittle, semi-transparent lumps resembling gum arabic, for which dextrine forms a cheap substitute. This is sometimes described as " crystallized" gum. Occasionally it is sold as a fluid dextrin, an opaque, milky syrup. The different qualities are made to suit the various purposes for which it is used.

The liquid is then run off into coolers, stirred to assist the cooling, and neutralized with dry sodium carbonate. The mass will become more or less solid after standing, provided the material did not contain an undue amount of water when introduced. The glucose thus prepared is very pure and free from any bitter or empyreumatic flavour, and is used for brewing and distilling. Sago and tapioca which have already undergone purification during their manufacture may be used without the preliminary treatment, and are much used for making glucose.

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The carbohydrates and alcohol, (Industrial chemistry ... ed. by Samuel Rideal) (Industrial chemistry ... ed. by Samuel Rideal) by Samuel Rideal

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