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By A. K. Holliday, G. Hughes and S. M. Walker (Auth.)

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C. L. Wilson and D. W. Wilson, Elsevier, Amsterdam (1960). 135 H . F. , p. 654, Ed. F . J. Welcher, Van Nostrand, N e w York (1963). 136 R. V. Williams, Chemistry in Britain, 5 (1969) 213. 137 A . F. de Fourcroy, in Encyclopedic Methodique, Ed. L. B. G. de Morveau, Paris (1796). 1204 CARBON: A. K. HOLLIDAY, G. HUGHES AND S. M. WALKER These methods are discussed in more detail subsequently. It is difficult to classify carbides simply though the following general categories may be recognized: 1. Ionic carbides.

L . Williams, Proc. Roy. Soc. {London), A223 (1954) 2 5 1 . 210 L. B . Dashkevich, Russ. Chem. Rev. 35 (1967) 3 9 1 . ni have studied the photolysis of carbon suboxide in ethylene. Products were allene, methyl acetylene and carbon monoxide. The suggested mechanism of photolysis is: This mechanism was also proposed for thermal decomposition of carbon suboxide, the species C2O decomposing further to carbon monoxide and solid carbon. Polymerization212 of carbon suboxide is heterogeneous and dependent in extent on the surface of the vessel.

27 (1953) 1741. c R. W. Dornte, / . Am. Chem. Soc. 55 (1933) 4126. In addition to these compounds COClBr has also been prepared. Carbonyl fluoride is prepared by fluorinating carbonyl chloride with sodium fluoride in acetonitrile, or with antimony pentafluoride together with antimony trifluoride; or by the fluorination of carbon monoxide with silver(II) fluoride. It is produced in small amounts during the pyrolysis of polytetrafluoroethylene in air. Carbonyl chloride, phosgene, is prepared industrially by the chlorination of carbon monoxide.

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